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Set Of 12 Scented Candles

Set Of 12 Scented Candles

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12 constellations Scented Candles Fresh the air and relax your body!
Light up a scented candle, essential oil within it releases with pleasant aroma and enter into every pore of your body
and muscles, thus bringing you relaxation. A scented
candle also helps drive away annoying mosquitos.

Each Jar Size:

Diameter 2.3" x Height 1.5" or Diameter 6.6 cm x Height 4cm


What in the box

12 constellation different fragrance Scented Candles:
Vanilla ×1, Rose ×1, Jasmine ×1, Bergamot ×1, Lemon ×1, Fig ×1,
Lavender ×1, Spring Taste ×1, Strawberry ×1, Rosemary ×1, Mint ×1, Gardenia ×1.

Soy candle are made with 100% natural soy wax, along with 6% essential
oil and lead-free organic cotton wick to burn evenly and fully with
smokeless and at the same time, give delightful and relaxing
scents. evenly burning and produce no black smoke,
harmless to human body and environment.

Each scented candle is 2.5oz can burn for 15-20 hours, total 30oz burning
time is up to 180-240 hours, adding continuously pleasant scents.
Creating mood, relief and relaxation for you and guests.

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